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Free Kicks – The Battle of Oly vs. Jose

Champions league results, and the strange battle brewing in the Premier League between head coaches–Oly vs. Jose. Adam and Rick have all of the details! [Ep111]

Free Kicks – Back in the Saddle

The Champions League, the Premier League, and how is the former US President Alexander Hamilton connected to any of this? Only one way to find out. Adam and Rick are back! [Ep110]

Free Kicks – Luck of the Draw

Adam and Rick chat about the draw for the FA Cup semi-finals and the Champions League quarter-finals, along with the relegation battle in the Premier League.  [Ep109]

Free Kicks – My Rabona

Adam and Rick discuss the latest Champions and Premier League results, and talk about one of the most amazing goals of all time…a Rabona. [Ep108]

Free Kicks – A changing of the guard?

Adam and Rick discuss something that hasn’t happened in many years…a Champions League quarter-finals without Ronaldo or Messi. [Ep107]

Free Kicks – Give him a yellow card

Adam calls foul when Rick gives the most convoluted clue during the Guess the Premier League star feature. Yellow card shown. [EP106]

Free Kicks – Hobson’s Choice

Amid the discussion of the Champions League and Premier League matches, Adam explains to Rick the definition of the English phrase Hobson’s choice. [Ep105]

Free Kicks – The Champions League returns

Adam and Rick talk about the return of the Champions League, the runaway winner of the Premier League, and a pretty challenging “Guess the Premier League Star”. [Ep104]

Free Kicks – Clear path to victory

Adam declares a Premier League champion for this year, despite the fact that there is still a lot of season to play. Which team does he think is a lock to win it all? [EP103]

Free Kicks – An American Story

Adam and Rick discuss the many American soccer players now playing overseas, including a few new signings. [Ep102]