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Free Kicks – Postpone a match? I think not

Adam and Rick discuss the rarity of postponed matches, the history of relegated teams, and more, including the regular feature…Guess the Premier League Star. [Ep60]

Free Kicks – Closing the Transfer Window

Adam and Rick analyze the winners and losers in this year’s transfer window, and answer a question about Premier League team names. [EP59]

Free Kicks – The FA Cup

Adam and Rick explain the FA Cup, play the “Name the Premier League star” game, and Adam explains “squeaky bum time” [Ep58]

Free Kicks – Final Across the Pond Special

Adam and Rick talk about the greatest team in the world (Liverpool), and file their final “Across the Pond” report from Chelsea in London. [Ep57]

Free Kicks – Across the Pond, Episode 4

Adam and Rick discuss the star strikers of the Premier League (one injured, one red-carded, one setting records), and do their fourth installment of “Across the Pond”–a report from their visit to Chelsea. [Ep56]

Free Kicks – The Festive Fixtures

Adam and Rick recap the holiday matches, explain the phenomenon of Boxing Day, and deliver another report from Across the Pond. [EP55]

Free Kicks – Across the Pond, Episode II

Adam and Rick discuss the state of the Premier League table (top & bottom) as the league heads into the Christmas Fixtures, and the Champions League draw. Plus, episode 2 from across the pond–from Chelsea’s training facility in England.  [Ep54]

Free Kicks – Across the Pond, Episode I

Adam and Rick paint the picture of their experience at Chelsea’s Stamford Bridge, as well as the usual features. [Ep53]

Free Kicks – An English Primer

Adam and Rick prepare for their trip to Chelsea. Adam preps Rick on English grammar, football terminology, and dos and don’ts for attending a Premier League game.  [Ep52]

Free Kicks – A Chip Butty

Adam and Rick discuss the week in Premier League games, plus Adam explains what a Chip butty is to Rick. That’s right, a chip butty.  [Ep51]