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Free Kicks – Ole Ole Out Out Out

Manchester United drops their manager and Rick and Adam discuss the implications. [Ep137]

Free Kicks – Play-By-Play

Adam and Rick did play-by-play of a state championship game, and provided their podcast listening audience a little taste. Also, Premier League managers are hitting the unemployment line. [Ep136]

Free Kicks – Hollywood on the Pitch

Hollywood stars drop by Adam’s old pitch, and a new coach arrives at Tottenham. [Ep135]

Free Kicks – Man United’s Breakdown

The once-mighty Manchester United is in disarray, and Rick and Adam break down what is causing this star-studded roster to struggle so badly.  [Ep134]

Free Kicks – The Coaching Carousel

If it’s job security you want, managing in the Premier League may not be the job for you. Two premier league managers already gone, another on the hot seat. Rick and Adam discuss.  [Ep133]

Free Kicks – Newcastle’s New Owner

The new Saudi Arabian owners of Newcastle promise to bring a flood of cash into the league. Rick and Adam discuss the implications.  [Ep132]

Free Kicks – Special Teams Coaching

The Champions League is back and Rick and Adam discuss the decline of the Spanish teams, plus they analyze what a special teams coach can do.  [Ep131]

Free Kicks – Brighton-ing the League

Brighton and Hove Albion’s great start is among the Premier League topics discussed this week by Adam and Rick. [Ep130]

Free Kicks – The Champions League Returns

The first round of Champions League games and a preview of the Premier League weekend are discussed by Adam and Rick. [Ep129]

Free Kicks – Premier League Predictions

The top 4 and bottom 3 for this year’s Premier League, and Adam and Rick discuss the recent US World Cup qualifiers. [Ep128]