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Flippin’ Out Radio – 07/22/17

@jamadrop and Johnny Appleseed discuss illegals delivering food, smoking not drinking, a judge that shits, 3D printed tires, boogatti kasino buying dogs, oddly sexual Kool Aid commercials, and a throwback clip from 2011 that tests the boundaries of taste.

Flippin’ Out Radio – 06/22/17

@Jamadrop and Johnny Appleseed are in Audio Mark Studios discussing Kevin Durant, Lebron James and why they ruined they NBA, the hypocrisy that will drive you nuts if you pay attention, and how to make money selling illegal snus.

Flippin’ Out Radio – 05/27/17

James Flippin is shocked to find out Garden State isn’t New Jersey’s official motto, stupid girls Katy Perry and Lily Allen, the big dick choked my girl friend defense, why people care about Aaron Hernandez gay rumors, troubling wood paneling, and fat faced douche Sheldon Richardson

Flippin’ Out Radio – 05/10/17

.@jamadrop is discussing Roger Goodell and Chris Christie on pot, Jimmy Kimmel, BST 2017 NFL Draft Special with @kyleflippin, and American assimilation, very good!

Flippin’ Out Radio – The Spitting New Yorker

James is solo in studio, issuing a mea culpa for a long time off, admitting some personal quirks, discussing a spitting New Yorker, 3 seaters on trains, and people getting paid of transgenderism. Very good!

Flippin’ Out Radio – 04/03/17

James Flippin’ is with Appleseed in Audio Mark studios, catching up on the past few weeks, memories of “Praise Islam”, promoting mix-tape under arrest, samurai pooping “life hack”, Mars potatoes, making the way back from NYC on St. Paddy’s day, the puzzling case of Bernie Sanders being considered a […]

Flippin’ Out Radio – Blunt Sports Talk

EP351 @jamadrop and @kyleflippin back together for a blunt sports talk, exploring the Kraft/Goodell connection, Bill Walton, GE logos on Celtics jerseys, and Barkley being cooler than Lebron

Flippin’ Out Radio – 03/06/17

.@jamadrop used to be a fan of Mark Cuban, the sad story of the Oscars accountant, Kelly Anne Conway and the so called lack of class.

Flippin’ Out Radio – 02/28/17

@jamadrop on Facebook journalism, Golden Girls Cafe, Ali G and Trump, interviewing John of Sweden and “a blazed abuela”, plus our ‘Spring Diary’ with Knuckleball Charlie

Flippin’ Out Radio – 02/19/17

James Flippin on NY Times reporter tantrums, the ‘Cover Girl Guy’ Controversy, Knuckleball Charlie guests, so does @JoeCurciWOR, Robert Deniro continues to embarrass, little paper squares at Port Authority, and why every McDonald’s eventually falls off.