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Flippin Out Radio – 04/23/18

James and Johnny Appleseed reunite, woman angry on the road should remove the keep Christ in Christmas bumper sticker, Dirty Diana is a bad song, Post Office – the appendix of America, Taylor Swift stalker at her NYC apartment, shit train in ‘Bama, Keith Hernandez and Hadjii, This Week […]

Flippin’ Out Radio – 02/10/18

James Flippin and neighbor Anna discuss New Jersey’s plan to ban menthol cigarettes and how it may be racist (or sexist), an encounter James had at the Wendy’s drive-thru, the Grammy’s and Jay-Z’s new found virtue, and a question on the issue of immigration (legal vs. illegal).

Flippin’ Out Radio – 01/01/18

@jamadrop ( James Flippin ) is with his downstairs neighbor Anna, who is joining the show for the first time to discuss sports fandom, the differences between life in the U.K. and the states, and an abbreviated discussion on net neutrality.  Happy New Year from the Most American Podcast […]

Flippin Out Radio – 12/20/17

James Flippin and Cliff Chill on if the back of a Corn Pops box can be racist, why Cliff doesn’t like “Blondie” (President Trump), Eli Manning being benched then reinstated, and a debate has apparently ensued over Apu from the Simpsons

Flippin Out Radio – 10/21/17

James Flippin says you must resist people telling you this is a Yankees rebuild, Frederica Wilson called out by General Kelly, Johnny Appleseed joins for the second half and we discuss #MeToo, this week in McDonalds, and an annoying new pizza commercial.

Flippin Out Radio – 09/15/17

James knew what the Boston racism banner was all along, a man says he’s a cuck because he’s a feminist, this week in McDonalds leads to immigration, Tesla controls cars remotely, Trump owns real estate in people’s heads, and more

Flippin’ Out Radio – 08/17/17

James Flippin is live to tape from Stone Harbor, NJ. James comments on Charlottesville, Rick and Morty Affect McDonalds, Bartman Gets a Ring, Jerry Jones HOF Embarrassment, New York State Court worker opens his big mouth

Flippin’ Out Radio – 07/22/17

@jamadrop and Johnny Appleseed discuss illegals delivering food, smoking not drinking, a judge that shits, 3D printed tires, boogatti kasino buying dogs, oddly sexual Kool Aid commercials, and a throwback clip from 2011 that tests the boundaries of taste.

Flippin’ Out Radio – 06/22/17

@Jamadrop and Johnny Appleseed are in Audio Mark Studios discussing Kevin Durant, Lebron James and why they ruined they NBA, the hypocrisy that will drive you nuts if you pay attention, and how to make money selling illegal snus.

Flippin’ Out Radio – 05/27/17

James Flippin is shocked to find out Garden State isn’t New Jersey’s official motto, stupid girls Katy Perry and Lily Allen, the big dick choked my girl friend defense, why people care about Aaron Hernandez gay rumors, troubling wood paneling, and fat faced douche Sheldon Richardson