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Dishing Bitches – May Day!

Doctors warn women against putting wasp nests in their what?! How man Senators in Louisiana voted AGAINST a law banning sex with animals? Is Instagram a dating platform? Plus music from Sunshine Boys and J da Beast!

Dishing Bitches – If Jesus Had A Stun-gun

Today is: Pig In A Blanket Day, Firefly Day, Go Diaper Free Day! Samantha reviews ‘A Quiet Place’, 420 Stories, new music from Humboldt Lagoon, Original Black Pantah and more!

Dishing Bitches – Bitchy Little Liars

10 things that predict divorce. Channing Tatum & Jenna Dewan call it quits. ’Wayne’s World’ pop-up bar coming soon. Music from The Naturals, UK Feds and a lot more!

Dishing Bitches – She Stole That!

Staring at boobs helps men live longer. Super Gonorrhea, is it the end of the world? Samantha steals a bit, music from Wannacries, ℕicole Bloomsmith and a special appearance by #AndyLurie.

Dishing Bitches – Betty’s First Time

20 busted Sex Myths, Fit-bit for Your Mouth, Real or Fake News, music from Mink’s Miracle Medicine, Temper Cartel and a lot more!

Dishing Bitches – Hairless Below Her Eyebrows

10 toxic people you should avoid. 15 Celebrities who can’t live without their sex-toys. Pubes of history plus music from Fox In Oil and Wes John Cichosz.

Dishing Bitches – Sixty-nine, is divine (unless it’s with Samantha)

The Olympics are over! Would you drink THC infused Wine? Samantha tries to re-invent some sex positions but Steph and Ed don’t think they’ll work. Real of Fake news. US debuts from The Strays, Mary Wrote and a lot more!

Dishing Bitches – Duped Again

What is Love Bombing? This new dating trend is worse than Ghosting. Drinking WINE before bed can help you shed pounds. What you’re like in a relationship based on your Zodiac plus new music from Blackboi Keemo and Wannacries.

Dishing Bitches – #SexBloopers

EP183 – 2018 sex tips based on your sign, caller Fred starts a Sex Blooper discussion. Music from Lauren Strange, Eliza Sayers, a random text from Dan Falato and a lot more!

Dishing Bitches – Are You Polyamorous?

13 ‘dirty’ movies on Netflix. Things you should tell somebody before you get into a relationship. Doctor prescribes orgasms to treat depression. Make it or break it. Featuring music from Temper Cartel & The Great Fuss.