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Dishing Bitches – Show Us On The Doll Where She Touched You

EP201 We’re back! Samantha thinks ‘The View’ is played out. What were you doing on 9/11? Listener feedback and a lot more!

Dishing Bitches – Episode 200!!!

A heartfelt thank you to all our listeners for their amazing support over the past six years! Featuring music from New Road Kings, Fox In Oil, Blank Parody & Sunshine Boys.

Dishing Bitches – Samantha’s box was leaking

EP199: Mars is in retrograde & it’s going to be intense. New boozy push pops for adults. United removes Stroopwafels, passengers revolt. New music from Marx Solvia, Rob Flax and a lot more!

Dishing Bitches – That’s Rich

Canada legalizes recreational marijuana. How insecure are you? Why Young Trump staffers are complaining plus new music from HIGH/LOW, Victor Johnson and a lot more!

Dishing Bitches – All The Chalupas

Man hacks billboard while stuck in traffic. Taco Bell is testing frozen Rosé Slushies. Vile ex-girlfriend gets hers in the end. Music from Wannacries, Del Scott Miller and a lot more!

Dishing Bitches – The Pool Incident

Samantha claims she has a ghost. More ‘First Date Questions’. What SCIENCE says men see when they look at boobs. Listener calls. New music from Edjacated Phools, The Noise FM and a lot more!

Dishing Bitches – Mexican Viagra

First Date Questions, Is DJ Khaled’s bedroom boundary a deal-breaker? Science reveals the types of people who cheat most, music from Lauren Strange the US debut of Tom Prendergast and a lot more!

Dishing Bitches – Spinster

Ways to spot trouble in new relationships. What are UK schools doing to help kids anxiety? Best ways to de-stress according to your zodiac sign plus music from Indigo Roads and Temper Cartel!

Dishing Bitches – Off The Rails

10 (Not So) Harmless Habits That Age You, Five Things, What’s in a name? Music from New Road Kings, Morning Fuzz and a lot more!

Dishing Bitches – Lost Opportunity

Could Facebook’s new ‘Dating’ service really destroy Tinder? Weird take-aways from Goop’s ‘The Sex Issue.’ Samantha passes on a 3-way plus music from The Strays, Eliza Sayers and a lot more!