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Minutia Men – Tigger & Tongues

Rick and Dave discuss loud children, why the movie Grease doesn’t stand the test of time, the Tigger movie, Scots who bite off tongues, and a National Anthem brush with Wayne Messmer. [EP218]

The Mr Nailsin Show – Man Of Tomorrow!

Doug talks about JJ Abrams Superman reboot. Florida man gets arrested for indecent Civil Rights protest. Florida woman stabs sister with epipen. Sun King and The Flea tackle a 30-foot chimp. A man beats off in a Florida Walmart parking lot out of loneliness. [EP347]

The Wine Makers – Spring Release

Bart Hansen and Sam Coturri are officially announcing their “Spring Release” wines.
Dane Cellars is releasing the 2018 Chenin Blanc from the Buddha’s Dharma vineyard and the 2018 Grenache from Rossi Ranch. Sam Coturri is releasing the “A Deux Tetes” series with a 2019 Grenache Rose from the Miller Vineyard […]

Destination Eat Drink – Argentina with Shafik Meghji

We’re in Argentina with travel writer to talk about giant steaks, Argentine barbecue, and how to tell what’s inside your empanada. Plus, we stumble through the tango. [EP117]

Show Notes:

Shafik Meghji’s website

Shafik talks Buenos Aires on Destination Eat Drink

Stick To Everything – We Love The ’90’s

Paul and Larry discuss the shortest month of the year, the last normal major event in Chicago before the pandemic, and more reflections on the 1990s. [EP05]

Back 2 You – One good turn deserves another

Steve and Howard cover the bases, from good people who did good things for our humble hosts, they’ll cover important inventions and talk movies and TV. And they worry they may get fired for this show! (Ep71)

Free Kicks – Hobson’s Choice

Amid the discussion of the Champions League and Premier League matches, Adam explains to Rick the definition of the English phrase Hobson’s choice. [Ep105]

And Friends – The Ron Howard of episodes!

To celebrate THE BIG 69: Kimmy, Tommy, and Samual cum together in a sex-filled episode. Tommy reviews sex. Samuel gives a lesson on sex practices. Kimmy takes sex to the ER. All only on “And Friends!” [EP69]

MM Celebrity Interview – Actor, Adam Bitterman

Rick and Dave chat with Chicago-based actor Adam Bitterman, who has appeared in dozens of films and TV shows, but most importantly, also went to Hebrew School with Dave. [EP59]

Car Guys Report – Remember Joe Isuzu?

Marc and Lou talk about some memorable and not so memorable car ads! This story and more on the next episode of The Car Guys Report! [Ep92]