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Minutia Men – 05/18/19

EP134: Rick and Dave discuss a randy Roger Daltrey, a study that will make you live longer, coughing up a tumor, Rick’s brush with Janine Turner, and they interview WLS radio legend Fred Winston.

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The Mr Nailsin Show – Buried Axes!

EP253: Nailsin News looks at a pork chop assault case,a couple having sex in front of Police Headquarters, and a woman dances naked at a strip mall. Meanwhile Night Knight The Early Years concludes and Perhaps But Maybe Not explores The Axeman Of New Orleans!

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Sports Dorks – Every Team Has Sick Kids

What hand pass? Join Scott & Andy as they ring the bells and cite Chaucer.

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The Wine Makers – Elaine Chukan Brown

Wine writer Elaine Chukan Brown, a.k.a. Hawk Wakawaka, joins the show and talks about her journey from Alaska to wine country. What a strange trip indeed, from a 1-900 psychic operator to a contributing writer for Wine & Spirits Magazine and organizing seminars for some of the most talented Master Som’s in the world.

This […]

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Destination Eat Drink – Bordeaux, France

EP24: We’re in Bordeaux, France visiting one of the most renowned wine regions of the world. But, it’s not just about the grape, we try a local pastry called a  Canelé, sample a cocktail invented by 007, and learn the difference between Pain au Chocolat and Chocolatine.

Show Notes:

Food and drink

La Touque Cuivree

Canelés […]

The Bite Goes On – Rob Larman

We welcome Rob Larman, long-time Sonoma chef, owner of Cochon Volant BBQ Smoke House. Rob’s chef history includes stints at Magnolia Place, Sausalito’s Casa Madrona, Rob’s Rib Shack and La Poste. During this time, Rob has slowly created his own style of Smoked meats, not influenced be either Texas or Tennessee BBQ. In this […]

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Car Guys Report – 5/16/19

EP1: ‘The Car Guys Report’ hosted by Marc Vernon and Lou Costabile, premiere episode on the Radio Misfits Podcast Network.

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Shut It Down, Bar Rescue Recap on Radio Misfits

EP121: This is it Taffertins! We take another crazy joyride through Texas…the town…China Grove…the bar…China Grove Trading Post. It’s run by a couple, Raymond and Wendy and it’s harassed by their daughter Meghan. She starts off by saying “I’m a little bit of a spoiled brat.” You can take out “little bit” and have […]

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Lossano and Friends! – 05/14/19

EP124: Pamela Pulice (The Dick Biondi Film), and Stephanie Weber (comedian/writer for Mr. Skin), join Tony Lossano to chat about  legendary disc jockey Dick Biondi, Dick jokes and nude female celebrities, tips on getting naked with hidden cameras, forging a famous signature on pantyhose for a living, and chasing ghosts but never in the […]

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Stephs In The City – Third Nipple and a Glass of Wine

EP14: What’s Poppin’, Booze News, Sex Position of the Day plus new music from Marcus Basi and more!