Listen to the golden pipes of a sad and lonely man with delusions of grandeur as he talks to himself for nearly an hour. Also hear recurring chapters of Night Knight.


The Mr. Nailsin Show – 03/25/17

EP79: Doug, Lefty&Red discuss the upcoming Thor movie, Doug and Mercedes Carrera talk about the clash of cultures, the mathematical illiteracy of the left and possible private fantasies of feminists. The A.S.S. continue to […]

The Mr. Nailsin Show – 03/18/17

EP78: Lefty & Red discuss White Privilege, Doug chats with Steve Cooper of the discussing interviews, rockers, SNL, Trump, Plastic Surgery and Steve’s low sodium cookbook ‘Stop The Salt’ from Meanwhile Night […]

The Mr. Nailsin Show – 03/11/17

EP77: Doug, Lefty & Red watch vidoes of Dr. Ben Carson and President Obama discussing lavery and immigration. Then Doug chats with actress and comedian Emma Bryant about prank videos and her future projects […]