Listen to the golden pipes of a sad and lonely man with delusions of grandeur as he talks to himself for nearly an hour. Also hear recurring chapters of Night Knight.


The Mr Nailsin Show – Flakes Of Snow!

EP116 While under snow Doug,Lefty & Red discuss Al Franken, the Russian probe, Roy Moore and other political crap. Night Knight seeks to protect the Pink Star diamond from super villain Mother Nature. Doug […]

The Mr Nailsin Show – The Best Of The A.S.S. Vol 1!

EP115 Doug is sick so it’s time for some choice episodes of the Justice League spoof ‘The American Super Society!’

The Mr Nailsin Show – Turkey Theories!

EP114 Doug, Lefty & Red discuss Thanksgiving, sex scandals and guns. ‘Perhaps But Maybe Not’ looks at the JFK Assassination. Plus news bulletins, a Charlie Rose bit etc…