Casual, comedic conversations in the back corner of the National Radio Hall of Fame floor within the Museum of Broadcast Communications in downtown Chicago.


Lossano and Friends! – 05/14/17

Ep92: Tony Lossano, Vickie Eisenstein, Evie Olson, Jen DeSalvo and Chris Cwiak wraps-up season 3 of Lossano and Friends!  They talk about Steve Harvey’s harsh memo to his staff and how he might have […]

Lossano and Friends! – 05/07/17

Ep91: Legendary talent, John “Johnny Records” Landecker and Rich “Svengoolie” Koz chat about appearing in the Dick Tracy comics, being part of a big movement along with Caitlyn Jenner, the real dangers of chicken […]

Lossano and Friends! – 04/30/17

Ep90: Original members from NUDE HIPPO invade Lossano and Friends!  Nick Rosario, Seth Davis, Pat Ulie & Raminder Chadha chat about why you must stay for ‘Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2’, exposing your […]

Lossano and Friends! – 04/23/17

Ep89: Morning radio star Danielle Tufano and Radio Misfits’ podcaster Pugs Moran, chat about the return of Zima, getting married solo, never seen Seinfeld, Marvel versus DC, ruining a gender reveal party, drug testing, […]

Lossano and Friends! – Woman’s March

Ep88: 30,000 were expected, but around 250,000 showed up. Tony, Jen & Chris walk the Woman’s March in Chicago on this special edition of Lossano and Friends!

Lossano and Friends! – 12/18/16

Ep87: Comedian Kelsie Huff hangs out with the LAF team and chat about the truth about Chicago cobblestone streets, the declaration process for Chicago Dibs, a look back at Alan Thicke, avoiding Spin-The-Bottle, the […]

Lossano and Friends! – 12/11/16

Ep86: Danielle Tufano morning co-host/PD at The River, Rivet newsman Charlie Meyerson, and Rick Kaempfer the co-host of Minutia Men chat about how NOT to be the cool aunt, someone you know is dead […]

Lossano and Friends! – 12/04/16

Ep85: Fred Winston (Yes, THAT Fred Winston), comedian Meredith Kachel, and Keith Conrad the host of Geek/Counter Geek chat about 13 days of The Simpsons, adventures with rodents, regulating cow farts, Portillo’s for only […]

Lossano and Friends! – 11/27/16

Ep84: Tony Lossano and his friends, gather for a post-Thanksgiving show, talking turkey, running too far and a replay of a discussion about the future, and so much more!!!

Lossano and Friends! – 11/20/16

Ep83: LeeAnn Trotter (NBC Chicago), Seth Davis (Comedian), Arden Joy (Your Chicago), yelling at strangers over email, Groupon deal leads to a sticky situation, taking classes and collecting titles, a deaf & blind dog […]