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Dishing Missfits – 11/24/15

Samantha solicits random gifts; the girls discuss Miley Cyrus's assets, explore their personality types tell us the 8 things women don't like in bed and more including new music from the US debut of UK Feds!

The Untitled Hour – 11/24/15

"Woodstock" - Hot Doug without the Hitmaker, discusses throwing cold cuts, teaching youngsters to pour Scotch, beat poetry, and so much more.

The Bob Levy Show – 11/23/15

'Fuck Everyone' - Kensil is late, he or his cat shit on his brothers bed, Bob went to Florida, and not EPCOT, Little Ahmad Mohamed sues Texas and school cause he brought in a clock bomb, Nasty & Rotten with Axl Rotten and Conte's Cage