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Poop Culture – 10/24/16

Okay kiddos, on this macabre episode of Talking Sh!t we serve you up a big ‘ole bowl of Creepy Pasta with Brenden Dean master raconteur! Brenden hails from the chilling YouTube Channel called – Darkness Prevails!

Lossano and Friends! – 10/23/16

Ep80: Max Temkin of Cards Against Humanity, funnyman Ben Caparo, and Jill Urchak host of On A Quest, chat ghosts agendas, running around naked for laughs, the decoding of traffic reports, a transparent Super PAC, jokes with a garden hose, dump Trump billboards, and so much more!!!

Sports Dorks – 10/22/16

“Play for…Pride?” – Join Scott (Johnny Unitas) and Andy (Bob Crane) as they talk about a field goal kicking mule, and MORE.