Nick D Episodes

Nick D – TV Talk and Nick Bleeds All Over The Place

In this episode, Nick and TV critic Dan Fienberg, from The Hollywood Reporter & The Fien Print, talk about the 2023 Tony Awards telecast (which was the first awards show to be conducted without writers), the series finales of HBO’s “Succession” and “Barry,” and the new controversial HBO show “The […]

Nick D – New Movie Reviews & Famous Actors/Forgotten Roles

In this episode, Nick welcomes film critics Erik Childress and Steve Prokopy to the podcast as they review some new movies including: “Rise of the Beasts” the latest chapter in the “Transformers” series; “Past Lives” a heartbreaking story about ‘the love that got away;’ the WWII horror movie “Brooklyn 45;” […]

Nick D – For The People

In this “For The People” episode, Nick talks with The Consumerman Herb Weisbaum, from Checkbook.org, about important consumer stories including: keeping up with your home insurance, the violation of child privacy laws by Amazon, the creeping dangers of A.I. scams, and the fact that Americans are keeping their cars longer […]

Nick D – Vincent Price and EMERGO! at The Music Box, & The Weird World of Parody Movies!

Nick talks with Matt Carr from The Music Box Theatre in Chicago, about his movie-dominated childhood, his love of John Carpenter’s “The Thing,” and the upcoming screenings of the Vincent Price classic “House on Haunted Hill,” which will be presented in terrifying “EMERGO!” The movie will reach beyond the screen, […]

Nick D – Amy Guth, Elvis Jumpsuits & Dads Who Homebrew

Nick is joined by Amy Guth, writer, filmmaker, and host of Crains Business’ “Daily Gist Podcast,” about her adventures while filming her new movie, the crazy real-life characters she met along the way, the joy of wearing an Elvis jumpsuit, and the politics of working in an office post-Covid. Then, […]

Nick D – Movie Reviews & Remembering Tina Turner

Nick is joined by film critics Erik Childress and Steve Prokopy to review the latest Disney live-action remake of “The Little Mermaid.” They also talk about the wacky (and terrible) Robert DeNiro, Sabastian Maniscalco farce “About My Father,” and they share their feelings about very funny, and very smart comedy […]

Nick D – Vegas Stories w/Esma & TV Talk w/Dan Fienberg

Nick and TV critic Dan Fienberg shoot the breeze about the WGA strike, new sitcom “SisterS”, the transformation of HBOMax to MAX, and the last episodes of “Succession” and “Barry”. They also chat about “Top Chef” and Beef Wellingtons, while Nick shares anecdotes of celebrity encounters. Then Esmeralda Leon narrates […]

Nick D – Pro-Wrestling w/Keith Lipinski & Bionic Esma!

Nick and Pro-Wrestling expert Dr. Keith Lipinski talk about the upcoming AEW and WWE pay-per-views, plus they discuss the incredible success of the great Rhea Ripley, the sudden popularity of Dom-Dom, how much Nick HATES Cody Rhodes, the mystery of the CM Punk return, the success of MJF’s title reign […]

Nick D – Marnie Shure’s Food & Esma’s Funeral

Nick talks with Marnie Shure from the food website The Takeout, about how Fruit Roll-Ups are now huge on the black market, traveling to Hawaii in order to have an old-school fried apple pie from McDonald’s, and about AMC Theaters’ plan to create their own alternate snack brand. They also […]

Nick D – Drive-Ins are 90 & Vegas is Old

Nick is joined by Mike Kerz, the owner of The Midway Drive-In in Dixon Illinois, to talk about the 90th anniversary of the opening of the very first drive-in. They talk about the history of the drive-in, the great events that will take place during this special season and some […]

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