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Geek/CounterGeek – Sarah Connor vs. Wonder Woman

There seems to be some trouble brewing in the Galaxy far far away. Lucasfilm and Disney announced that Jurassic World director Colin Trevorrow will not be directing Star Wars Episode IX after all. Elliott Serrano and Keith Conrad discuss just how worried we should be.

Plus, James Cameron set off […]

Geek/CounterGeek – Must-See Nuclear War Movies

The Hollywood Reporter has broken the news that Disney is officially putting together an Obi Wan Kenobi movie that could hit theaters in 2020 as the next standalone film after the Han Solo movie. Elliott and Keith talk about what adventure they’d like to see Ben tackle.

Plus, in light […]

Geek/CounterGeek – Ranking the Indiana Jones Movies

Star Trek Discovery is changing the Klingons yet again. We’ve known this since the first trailer and pictures dropped, but Alex Kurtzman told an audience at STLV there’s a reason for it. Bryan Fuller came up with the design, and there is actually some pretty solid reasoning behind it.

Patrick […]

Geek/CounterGeek – Who Is The Worst Captain In Star Trek History?

There’s an embarrassment of riches when it comes to news from D23 and San Diego Comic Con over the past couple of weeks.

Among other things, we learned that Sonequa Martin-Green’s character in Star Trek actually has a pretty big connection to Spock, whose father Sarek may be the Mike […]

Geek/CounterGeek – The Doctor Is In (And She’s A Woman)

George A. Romero, father of the modern movie zombie and creator of the groundbreaking “Night of the Living Dead” franchise, has died at 77. Elliott Serrano and Keith Conrad discuss his legacy.

Meanwhile, Jonathan Frakes is making his triumphant return to the Star Trek universe, Elliott and Keith talk about […]

Geek/CounterGeek – Ron Howard Takes On Han Solo

Elliott was invited to the Chicago premiere of Spider-man Homecoming and has a review. We’ve also learned something new about the history of Peter Parker. Plus, it was a whirlwind week in the Star Wars galaxy. Within the space of 24 hours, Lord and Miller were fired as the […]

Geek/CounterGeek – Which Director Owes You An Apology?

Adam West has died at the age of 88. He was best known for his work as Batman on the 1960’s TV series, but younger audiences knew him from his work on Family Guy. […]

Geek/CounterGeek – How Wonderful Was Wonder Woman?

To Kill A Mocking Bird is getting it’s own graphic novel, and that is making Keith a little grumpy. Elliott is more positive on the idea.

Keith also has a big problem with parts of Alien: Covenant, but he and Elliott agree that if nothing else, the Alien movies always […]

Geek/CounterGeek – Happy 40th Birthday Star Wars!

May 25th is a big day in geekery. Douglas Adams fans seem to like it for some reason that escapes both Elliott Serrano and Keith Conrad. Plus, it’s the anniversary of the release of Star Wars in 1977. […]

Geek/CounterGeek – GoT Spinoffs: Trapper Jon Snow?

Elliott Serrano is none too thrilled with Steve Rogers taking a soap opera-like turn in the latest Secret Empire issue by Marvel Comics.

The first trailer for Star Trek: Discovery has landed and while Keith Conrad is a little more optimistic, Elliott wishes Bryan Fuller was still running things.