And Friends Epiosdes

And Friends – It’s The End Of The World As We Know It

Tommy considers starting an OnlyFans account as a career. Kimmy discusses if there is a difference between certain bread and fancy baked goods. Samuel goes down a rabbit hole and ends up at the Bunny Ranch.  PLUS they unveil the next Test Tasters Challenge. All that and more on “And […]

And Friends – The One Where Joey Tickles His Nose

Tommy takes the show into a rabbit hole on the greatest soundtracks. Samuel goes back to the great state of Florida, with a jet ski chase! Kimmy talks of a certain doctor who wants people to stop calling him daddy. All that and more on “And Friends!” (Ep48)

And Friends – The One Where Joey Opens A Femboy Hooters

Samuel has everyone battle it out in Reddit Rumble: Would you Rather.  Kimmy talks about Cardi B’s new song WAP, and the new word to replace moist.  Tommy gets into the games there is to play in Vegas, and how much he wishes he could play.  All that and more […]

And Friends – The One Where Joey Makes An eHarmony Account For His Daughter

Samuel tests your knowledge of the Victorian era. Kimmy talks about the technology men are lusting over. Tommy tries to understand why people ghost on dating apps.  All that and more on the first anniversary special of “And Friends!” (Ep42)

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