Each week Keith Conrad and his menagerie of comedians, voice actors, radio folks and other misanthropes present a hard-hitting and divisive news story in the form of an adorable fairy tale.


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1611, 2017

Fake News Fairytale – Great Day For Uploading

There is unrest in a far away kingdom when the royal courier introduces the concept of tiered pricing. The people demand that the King step in to end this cruel injustice.

Villager: Darren Marlar
Villager: Justin Kosek
Narrator: Dan Levy

Written by: Keith Conrad

911, 2017

Fake News Fairytale – Oh, The People You’ll Indict!

The leader of a kingdom far away finds himself in trouble, but the townspeople cannot get any information because the town criers are too busy competing with each other.

Villager: Dan Wolfe
Villager: Marcus Brown
Mainstream Town Crier: Justin Kosek
Alternative Town Crier: Quin McCarthy
Narrator: Jen DeSalvo

Written by: Keith Conrad