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Lossano and Friends! – 01/03/15

The Best of Lossano and Friends! Charlie Barnett (NBC’s Chicago Fire), Ginger Zee (ABC-TV’s Good Morning America), Amy Landecker (Amazon Prime’s Transparent), Ryan Chiaverini (Windy City Live), Rob Johnson (CBS Chicago), Larry Potash (WGN Morning News), Dick Biondi (WLS Legendary Jock), Rich Koz (Svengoolie), Bill Jackson (Gigglesnort Hotel), John Records Landecker (WLS Radio Legend), […]

Will Clinger’s Wild Travels


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Lossano and Friends! – 12/20/14

Will Clinger (PBS-TV's Wild Travels), Dr. Fred Yapelli (Therapist) join Jim Gronemann, Ashley Lobo, Chris Cwiak, Ann Sheehan and Tony Lossano