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The Bob Levy Show – 10/18/15

Ep136 "Zombie AIDS Island" - Conte's Wedding,Honeymoon in Jamaica,Kensils Corner,Lamar Odom and The Kardasians, O.J Case, Doug Almeida

The Bob Levy Show – 10/07/15

Ep132 "The Junk Food Pranksters" - Trump hates Oreo Cookies,The Non Storm,The Pope and the Twat, Kensil hurt his head, Nailsin Ratings, "You Know what I'm Saying" with Doug Almeida.

The Bob Levy Show – 10/05/15

Ep 131 - "The Gassy Giant" - Kensil's Face, Kensil's Horror Movie Debut, Conte's weight loss, Comedian Robert Kelly, Musician Foggy Otis.

The Bob Levy Show – 09/18/15

Ep #124 Give him a ticket to Loudmouthville - Kim Davis, Gay snakes, The Religious Right, Joe Frazier, Pal Phil Korz, Doug Almeida.

The Bob Levy Show – 09/15/15

Ep #123 Flea Markets and Attempted Murder - The NFL sucks, Abbott and Costello, B-ball players, Roller Derby, Pill Cosby AGAIN, Kensil and his flea markets, The Nailsin Ratings, Doug Almeida.