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Lossano and Friends! – 12/12/15

Ep43 - On a special Star Wars edition, Tony Lossano welcomes ABC Chicago's Cheryl Scott, Radio Legend John Records Landecker, Improv Nerd Jimmy Carrane talk about Transparent, Playboy parties, flying with the Blue Angels, and much more!

Lossano and Friends! – 12/05/15

Ep42 - Whitney Reynolds & Scott Dirks join us to talk Gremlins, scam artists & debate if peeing in the shower is OK. That and more on Lossano and Friends!

Lossano and Friends! – 11/21/15

Ep41 - Tony Lossano with guest, LeeAnn Trotter (NBC Chicago) and Ben Capraro (Comedy Writer/Producer) chat about the local odd stories from the week! Lossano and Friends!

Lossano and Friends! – 11/14/15

Ep40 - Tony Lossano with guest, Rob Hart (WGN Radio) chat about Chicago radio legends, railroads, and glorious man buns! Lossano and Friends!

Dishing Missfits – 11/10/15

Ep90 - Sorry guys Samantha thinks her 'trampage' might finally be over, Betty shares a disturbing story, relationship deal-breakers new music from 'The Hudares' and more!

Lossano and Friends! – 11/07/15

Ep39 - The gals from Dishing Missfits come and hang out with the gang from Lossano and Friends!

Lossano and Friends! – 10/31/15

Ep38 - Tony Lossano welcomes guests Scott Miller (WDRV; WFLD Chicago) and Robyn Lynne Harris (Actor/Writer/Improv and creator of "Date Me": An OK Cupid Experiment") as they chat about bungee sex harnesses on tow trucks, award winning facial hair, and the entire crew's online dating stories.

Lossano and Friends! – 10/24/15

Ep37 - Tony has his own Ross/Rachel moment, and opens up to the room about the one that got away. Is he leaving on a jet plane?

Lossano and Friends! – 10/03/15

Ep 34 -Catch up with the crew (both new and old) as season 2 of Lossano and Friends! kicks off.

Lossano and Friends! – 04/18/15

Alicia Roman (NBC Chicago), Jennifer O'Neill (Rivet Radio), Steve Gadlin (Steve Gadlin's Star Makers)