Doug Almeida Archives - Radio Misfits

The Bob Levy Show – 10/20/15

Ep137 "Kensil's Sex Life" - Italian Hack Comics,Bob and the Troops, Kensil and the Comedy Groupies, Chaz Bono, Doug Almeida

The Bob Levy Show – 10/18/15

Ep136 "Zombie AIDS Island" - Conte's Wedding,Honeymoon in Jamaica,Kensils Corner,Lamar Odom and The Kardasians, O.J Case, Doug Almeida

The Bob Levy Show – 09/18/15

Ep #124 Give him a ticket to Loudmouthville - Kim Davis, Gay snakes, The Religious Right, Joe Frazier, Pal Phil Korz, Doug Almeida.

The Bob Levy Show – 09/15/15

Ep #123 Flea Markets and Attempted Murder - The NFL sucks, Abbott and Costello, B-ball players, Roller Derby, Pill Cosby AGAIN, Kensil and his flea markets, The Nailsin Ratings, Doug Almeida.

The Bob Levy Show – 09/10/15

Ep #121 The Regrowth of Balls - The Nailsin Ratings, The boys discuss Sept 11th 2001, Bob wants the US to grow balls again, Football player huddles up, Fake School bus, Doug Almeida and Bob team up again.