Author, spaceflight historian, and online television host Amy Shira Teitel brings an expanded edition of her Vintage Space YouTube series to podcast listeners everywhere



Wine Women – Focus on the Hosts

It’s a rare show when the hosts only have one another to talk to. (It was planned!) Often our curiosity is piqued by questions or conversation posed by the hosts to guests. But most […]

Stick To Everything – Who Misses Public Transportation?

Life has not been normal for a long time, but Larry and Paul are ready to jump back to life as they Stick to Everything! [EP11]

Back 2 You – Say cheese, everyone!

Howard asks Steve an important question the same one he’d like to ask Barack Obama. Only on Back 2 You! (Ep79)

Free Kicks – The European Super League

The incredibly controversial and unpopular European Super League. Words are not minced. Adam and Rick have all of the details!  [Ep112]