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2005, 2018

Master Debaters – Live from Comic Con!

EP96: This weeks show was recorded live from Birmingham Comic Con! We talk to Matt from Custom Cupcakes and co-owner of all the best Horror Cons to discuss his crazy plans for future events. The very talented voice actor, Marc Silk sits down with us to talk all things voice acting and shares some great Rik Mayall stories. Central Legion Cosplayers also join us for a quick chat and if that’s not enough for you, the smash hit podcast game ‘Sean or Porn’ makes a triumphant return! But this time with a twist as Sean plays with his little brother, Adam (woii wuhh)

Big thank you to Vic and the team at Birmingham Comic Con for helping us out. And a massive thank you to Sean’s baby brother, Adam. Thanks for all the help, mate!

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605, 2018

Master Debaters – Ghost Hunting Special!

EP95: This week Toffa and Sean go on a ghost hunt! The lovely team at Twilight Ghost Hunts invited us to come along to one of their events. So that’s exactly what we did. We interview the guests and staff and talk all things paranormal, live from the ghost hunt site.

We hear some spooky stories, actual audio of a spirit and during one of the interviews some spirits join us and freak us the f**k out…

We cannot recommend going on one of these events enough. Hit this link and check out what Twilight has to offer

Watch the video we made of our experience here