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Dishing Bitches – 05/19/15

"Sixty-Nine Is Divine" It's Episode 69! Betty gets into a fight w/ a neighbor. Tips for better 69. History of 69. What foods would you choose over sex? New music from David Duchovny believe it or not... and a lot more!


A blog by Chris Cwiak of Lossano and Friends!

Lossano and Friends! – 05/16/15

Lossano and Friends! episode 032 Amy Landecker (Amazon Prime’s Transparent), John Records Landecker (94.7 WLS), Jen DeSalvo (89 WLS), Amy Zanglin (Nude Hippo) join Jim Gronemann, Ashley Lobo, Chris Cwiak, Ann Sheehan and Tony Lossano..

Lossano and Friends! – 04/18/15

Alicia Roman (NBC Chicago), Jennifer O'Neill (Rivet Radio), Steve Gadlin (Steve Gadlin's Star Makers)

Dishing Bitches – 03/24/15

"Show Us On The Doll Where They Touched You" - Powdered alcohol is now a thing, Samantha accidentally got stuck in a porn rabbit hole, Everyone is a little bit racist, Planet Unicorn EP4, new music from Jesse Burke and a lot more!

Christian & Karen, putting their marriage to the test!

A blog by Tony Lossano of Lossano and Friends!

Host of ‘Lossano and Friends!’ is Still Living in the Prehistoric Ages!

A blog by Ann Sheehan of Lossano and Friends!

Ready, Set, Vent! – 02/18/15

"Whale Boy's Glory" - Andy remembers a few SNL cast members, joneses for chocolate cocaine, writes his name in the Massachusetts snow, and more.

Last Minute Guide to Valentine’s Day

Last Minute Guide to Valentine’s Day from Dishing Bitch, Betty Belden

Ready, Set, Vent! – 01/21/15

"Knowledge Through Savage Mockery" - Andy debuts "Main Target" by being a dick and attacking a fellow podcaster on the network. Also, a trip to Texas and mysterious unexplained phenomena.