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Dishing Bitches – 05/05/15

Creepy bar owner thinks 2-Way mirror in women's restroom is good for business. Bud Light pulls label with message that sparked backlash. Yoga for your vagina. Samantha recaps SexCon. You'll never guess where a woman planted a potato. Remember your loved one – by putting their ashes in a dildo. 3 signs he’s not serious about you, 3 signs that he's not serious about you, new music from Harrison Scott and much more!

Dishing Bitches – 02/24/15

Match.com is worthless, We touch on the SNL 40th Anniversary Show, was it awesome or a completely disappointment? Vocal Fry is making us crazy. Betty's budgeting tip of the week.As much as we suspected, the 50 Shades of Grey movie sucked.

Dishing Bitches – 02/08/15

ANOTHER Asian plane crash, is it terrorism or are they just stupid? PSA - avoid the Red Velvet OREO's. Valentine’s Day gift ideas. Brief Super Bowl recap. Target has a bondage section in their online store? Texas tried for an anti-dildo law.

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