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Lossano And Friends – 01/28/2020

LeeAnn Trotter (NBC Chicago), Danielle Tufano (The River), Adam Burke (Wait Wait…Don’t Tell Me!) and introducing to the team Meredith Kachel (co-host of Lossano and Friends!) Only on Lossano and Friends!  [EP134]

Lossano and Friends! – 01/07/2020

The Lossano and Friends Star Wars Holiday Special! Tony Lossano hosts an All-New Star Wars Theme episode with Jimmy “Mac” McInerney of Rebel Force Radio: Star Wars Podcast, Rogelio Gazga of SPI-tv Media, Christian Farr of NBC Chicago, Evie Olson of Grape Insights, and a ghost force appearance by […]

Lossano and Friends – 12/25/19

The Island of Radio Misfits Holiday Special: Tony Lossano, host and producer of “Lossano and Friends” and “Nude Hippo: The Podcast,” celebrate Christmas morning with a one-hour spectacular gathering a dozen hosts of shows produced by Oppih Shows for the Radio Misfits Podcast Network. Joining him at the Museum […]

Lossano and Friends! – 11/26/19

Elaine Soloway (writer, content curator, mother), Malic White (comedian, writer, actor), join Tony Lossano to chat about a Cats themed birthday party, the stories behind Transparent television series, pranking a sibling every 30 years, quietly exposing parents to the queer lifestyle, Mansplaining, haunted middle school, Tony’s Secrets, a very […]

Lossano and Friends! – 11/12/19

The LaFter crew joins Tony Lossano to chat about getting pooped on, the end of Netflix as we know it, how CTA is now a game, a look at the sequel to The Shining, Tony’s Facebook fan page for his best friend made people think he died, the next […]

Lossano and Friends – 10/29/19

Brad Edwards (main anchor & investigative reporter at CBS Chicago),  Kevin Kellam (On-Air Personality at 101 WKQX, comedian), join Tony Lossano to chat about how soap operas are the female version of wrestling, nobody is above Taco Bell, the greatest excuse to yell at people in public, Ginger Zee […]

Lossano and Friends – 10/22/19

Ep128: Rebecca Julia Brown (actor, musician, comedian, producer and writer), Alessandra Drapos (actor, comedian), Deanna Ortiz (comedian, host), join Tony Lossano to chat about performing stand-up at a college campus, doing ‘private-squeezes’ in public, going too far with a DivaCup, adding friends on Facebook unless they look like a […]

Lossano And Friends – 10/15/19

Ep127: Rebecca Julia Brown (actor, musician, comedian, producer and writer), Alessandra Drapos (actor, comedian), Deanna Ortiz (comedian, host), join Tony Lossano to chat about teaching pets how to poop by example, crushes on unreasonable celebrities, NBC wanted porn to be removed from Twitter, discovering that doing comedy can be […]

Lossano and Friends – Season 5 Preview!

Ep126: Whitney Chitwood (comedian), Stephanie Weber (comedian/writer for Mr. Skin), join Tony Lossano to chat about spending the summer to gentrify a farm, Sprockets is a pretty light-hearted name for a serial killer theme, Tarot as foreplay, the sad state of comedian’s newsletters, anger and blowtorches don’t go together, […]

Lossano and Friends! – 2019 SPECIAL

The Best of Never Before Heard Moments from Lossano and Friends!