Getting Well In America Episodes

GWIA – Caitlin Anderson, Tranquil Waves Yoga

This week we had the opportunity to talk with Caitlin Anderson of Tranquil Waves Yoga and found that her practice fits in perfectly with our own goal share at the podcast:  finding a true roadmap to help you get better.  With a sports and Physical Therapy background, Caitlin has created […]

GWIA – Dr. Dan Hurley, Part 2

Hey everyone, here’s the second half of our interview with Dr. Dan Hurley, my back surgeon from Chicago.  We’ve had lots of great comments on the first half so this is the awaited second half and we hope you enjoy. Then drop back and listen to one of our older […]

GWIA – Dr. Dan Hurley, Part 1

This week’s episode was twenty years in the making!  John tracks down the head Doc on his back surgeries and takes a deep dive into life as a pain doc and how they help those of us with serious chronic pain.  You’ll want him on your side when you are […]

GWIA – Red Lawhern, Patient Advocate and his supportive Opioid research

If there is even one reason we chronic pain warriors can ever even get one rx of opioids these days it’s because of Red.  He has been fighting a relentless battle to help people arm themselves with data to support pain driven access to proper and needed medicines especially opioids.  […]

GWIA – First, Take a Deep Breath

This week the guys discuss simple deep and controlled breathing as a way to relax while having a pain flare up or just in everyday life.  Jeff has practiced and taught meditation for decades and taught John how it could help get him through a big surgery.  Spend a few […]

GWIA – Marriage of technology & medicine, a win of everyone

We speak with Dr. Ugarte from University of California, Irvine about their new opioid misuse programs key tool; a peer support group on line for people trying to get off of opioids.  It’s a fascinating concept that basically puts an AA or NA meeting in your pocket. So many implications […]

GWIA – Dr. Eric Nadler

This episode we interview Dr. Eric Nadler from Kaiser Permanente and learn more about their Pain Management program.  Building on the last two shows with patient Brigette McReynolds, we learn how detailed and effective this program can be.  Anyone dealing with  getting  better and chronic pain is bound to enjoy […]

GWIA – Brigette McReynolds Pt.2

In part two of our Brigette McReynolds interview you’ll learn all about the real work involved in a chronic pain program and the very real benefits for one person that was in deep trouble in her life. Continuing the story of her chronic pain program efforts and how they paid […]

GWIA – Brigette McReynolds Pt.1

This is one of the most fascinating interviews I’ve ever heard when it comes to chronic pain and illness. Our guest Brigette McReynolds, was living a life of desperation and pain with debilitating migraines and fibromyalgia. By sheer luck she found a truly comprehensive and compassionate chronic pain program at […]

GWIA – Re-entry Fears From The Pandemic And Chronic Illness

With the pandemic drawing to a close many people are finding their habits and interactions have drastically changed during the shutdown. They feel very unsure of what to do and how to do it in terms of getting back to being a real person again.  We’ll talk about the similarities […]

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