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The Bob Levy Show – 09/02/16

EP219: Hoodle Doodle. Joe goes to sleep, Dom Levy hates school. Anthony Weiner's Weiner pops up again. Clowns and creepy pillow guy.

The Bob Levy Show – 08/31/16

EP218: Victor Von Captain Catholic. Chris Brown, Transgender MMA fighter, Colin Kaepernick, Tim Tebow, Mr Fuji, McChicken love and horse play.

The Bob Levy Show – 08/25/16

EP217: Kensil's at the beach. Joe's at a wake. A fat lady got in Dom Levy's way. Bob interviews Kenji Gallo about crime, porn & America. Pot brownies reveal a man's true feelings for his cat.

The Bob Levy Show – 08/19/16

EP216 The Sausage Party: Bob reviews the animated film Sausage Party, Kensil loves monkeys in diapers, German man beats another man with a sausage.

The Bob Levy Show – 08/17/16

EP215: Joe Conte talks about his Atlantic City gig and how Doug Nelson's poster caused a little trouble. Bob talks about Milwaukee and Elvis. Author Bryn Curt J Hammond talks about his book The Brittany Murphy Files. Kensil talks about his big break.

The Bob Levy Show – 08/11/16

EP214 Witch doctor's Lunch Party! Bob,Doug and John talk about suction cup man climbing Trump Tower-Hillary's crimes-Grocery stores-Kensil's pal needs a shower-Taylor Lianne Chandler calls in to talk Phelps and Bob Dougie Almeida continue to solve the world's problems.

The Bob Levy Show – 08/09/16

EP213 Ground Zero Mosquito! Olympics, Hillary's health, Kayaks, Preseason Football, Bob talks to Romance novelist Ava Armstrong, Mosquitoes and hookers, Bob & Dougie Almeida discuss Trump and the world.

The Mr. Nailsin Show – 08/06/16

EP046 Donald Trump's The Wall(with apologies to Pink Floyd) A musical trip through election year 2016.

The Bob Levy Show – 08/04/16

EP212 Tackleberry: Kensils neighbor blocks his driveway then his dad interrupts his shower. Man seeks love in China ends up in hospital. Bob's new roommate. Black Shelter plays a song.

The Bob Levy Show – 07/28/16

EP211 Hot Island Shit! - The Boys talk politics, pharmaceuticals, limping dogs, Kensil's banjo & Joe's mom says dumb shit