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The Bob Levy Show – 07/13/16

EP210 Dallas, Black Panthers, Bob's brick, Blacks get pulled over a lot, Joe's wife is a gas, Psychic Monkey gives audience blue balls, Hillbillies love Wid, Otto tribute

The Bob Levy Show – 07/08/16

EP209 Adult Relations: Remembering Paul Lynne. No more under age marriages in Virginia. Weird places to beat off.

The Bob Levy Show – 07/06/16

EP208 Psychic Monkey: Fellatio Cafe is revisited. More State Fair stories from Kensil. Hillary gets a get out of jail free card. Bob vs Joe over politics. Are monkeys psychic?

The Bob Levy Show – 07/05/16

EP207 Bright Shiny Things: Bob and Doug discuss Fireworks. Chloe's the boss.Black Shelter and Bob's plan for the vets. Sex in the news and a family story.

The Bob Levy Show – 07/01/16

EP206: Swiss Bliss! The madness of John Kensil is explored. Country Jeff Dust (@countrydustjeff) discusses his life and YouTube channel, then the boys talk about The Fellatio Cafe.

The Bob Levy Show – 06/29/16

EP205 Kensil's still missing. The strange practice of "Riding Mo." Kensil's truck probably needs to be put down. Doug's cows & Dougie Almeida.

The Bob Levy Show – 06/27/16

EP204 Joe Conte's sickness.B ob's alone. The CAVS won. Sacramento protests end in stabbing. Levy/Nelson 2016. Dougie Almeida chit chats with Bob.

The Bob Levy Show – 06/20/16

EP203: Lowland Gorilla Care - Christine leaves, Joe is sick, Bob, John, Doug and Lefty discuss Obama, Vets, Illegals and traffic tickets

The Bob Levy Show – 06/06/16

EP202 Joe still mourns Harambe. The miracle of Birth. Anna Nicole Smith's love life. Joe's white trash gig. State Fairs and Carnivals. The Otto And George Tribute. The good old days. YouTube Comics.

The Bob Levy Show – 06/02/16

EP201 Harambe RIP - The boys mourn the loss of Joe's cousin Harambe. Bull semen and the horse jerker. Kids cussing out Trump. Boy Scouts.