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Artie Quitter Uncensored – Weekly Edition

Artie Lange – 07/15/16

The great Dennis Miller joins Artie and although we wanted to talk politics it easily veered off into some of the funniest comedy you will ever hear. Also, giving his first interview since being let go from Fox Sports, Tony Siragusa tells us what happened and a lot more

Artie Lange – 07/08/16

Artie thinks the union leaders pulling construction crews from Donald Trump’s projects might be motivated by political correctness. We hear “exclusive” audio of Jason Pierre-Paul setting off his fateful fireworks, and talk to some listeners on the phone.

Artie Lange – 07/01/16

One of the best documentaries in a long time, The Seven Five, pitted two best friend crooked cops against each other. One lost and one WON! Michael Dowd and Ken Eurell talk in depth for the first time about the conflicting stories. Even if you don’t know the movie, the cop stories are amazing. The two former cops could only agree on one thing, why was Geno there??

Artie Lange – 06/24/16

Who says we don't talk sports? Enjoy this mashup of just a few of Artie's favorite sports bits from the podcast with Don Zimmer, Ashton Kutcher, David Wells and more

Artie Lange – 06/17/16

I had to have on as one of my first guests, the great Gilbert Gottfried. What you are about to hear is probably the reason Gilbert and I are no longer on The Howard Stern Show. ENJOY

Artie Lange – 06/10/16

The original 'Comedians Round table' - It's after midnight in Hoboken when Dave Attell, Russ Meneve & Dave Juskow join Artie for a late night of comedy and stories.

Artie Lange – 06/03/16

Artie welcomes the great Joe Buck and joke-man Jackie Martling. Artie and Jackie talk about their early days at Howard Stern and tell a few of their funniest stories. Derek Jeter’s sex life. Adrienne Lapalucci, Ben from Clifton and more!

Artie Lange, Radio Misfits Promo

Artie Lange brings a weekly edition of the Artie Quitter Uncensored Podcast to the Radio Misfits Podcast Network

Artie Lange – Teaser

Enjoy this clip featuring Dave Attell, Russ Meneve and Dave Juskow discussing Donald Trump, Tom Cruise and more!