Comedians Jim Search and Max Cohen are trained experts in watching Bar Rescue and will bring you the heavily involved details as only they can.


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2911, 2017

Shut It Down – To Protect And (Over)Serve

It’s another one Taffertins! This episode we take a trip to the city of Brotherly Love to visit a bar owner who was a cop for 27 years…27 years! Well it shouldn’t come as a surprise this fella has seen a thing or two and has brought that mess to the bar. But lucky for him, there is a man named Taffer who is ready to clean it up and make it right! Get after it!

2011, 2017

Shut It Down – Grow Some Meatballs!

Hey hey Taffertins! Another great episode is coming your way! On this adventure, we head to Santa Clarita, CA to a bar by the name of The Tailgate. It’s got everything we need, family drama, grease fires and a bouncer named….Connie. Taffer is going to have his hands full with this one. Lucky for us, we got it all covered and ready to tell you all about it!