Comedians Jim Search and Max Cohen are trained experts in watching Bar Rescue and will bring you the heavily involved details as only they can.


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1904, 2018

Shut It Down – Weird Science

EP70 Greetings Taffertins! We are boldly going where no man has gone before…well not really. But we thought it would sound science-y enough for you. On this intellectual dive, we go to Tarzana, CA to an establishment called “Paladino’s” owned and “operated” by two scientists. Well, they know science…just not bar science. With that, a man named Taffer has plans to revamp their experiment and make them some money. Enjoy!

1204, 2018

Shut It Down – Mississippi Rears

So…..this episode has a cold open with a man who is showering….in a kitchen. BOOM! Quite a crazy start to say the least! Lucky Max and Jim have seen enough episodes to know how to handle Joe’s Thirsty Lizard, a bar in Horn Lake, MI. An owner is a man named Joe, a Navy vet who bought a bar for 80K with no liquor license. What can go wrong! Enjoy!