Jill Urchak is “On A Quest” to seek out the supernatural, the unseen, unproven, UFO’s, dreams, psychics, near death experience, spirits, angels, numerology, ghosts, Bigfoot, and maybe even the Loch Ness monster. Featuring real conversations with regular everyday people and professionals. Join her “On A Quest” as she is not afraid to explore the unknown, with humor.




On A Quest – Hello From the Other Side

Jill speaks with an ordinary man with not so ordinary experiences…or are they?

Her guest was visited from relatives who have passed on in a straight up “horror movie” type way. Watch a skeptic turn […]

On A Quest – 37 Seconds

EP14 –  Jill speaks with Stephanie Arnold who predicted her own death during pregnancy, died and lived to tell her story. She died for 37 seconds and saw heaven.  She has returned with an […]

On A Quest – Podcast Mystic Motherella

EP13 –  Jill welcomes back Psychic/Medium Michelle Motherella Piper.  Michelle senses the departed with all 5 senses and Jill dives deep into each sense and tries to figure out what the life of a […]