Jill Urchak is “On A Quest” to seek out the supernatural, the unseen, unproven, UFO’s, dreams, psychics, near death experience, spirits, angels, numerology, ghosts, Bigfoot, and maybe even the Loch Ness monster. Featuring real conversations with regular everyday people and professionals. Join her “On A Quest” as she is not afraid to explore the unknown, with humor.


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On A Quest – Comic Book Horror

EP19 – Jill speaks with Sarah, editor of two comic book anthologies.  Sarah transforms real life horror stories into must read comics.  She speaks of her inspiration and has a few harrowing tales herself.

On A Quest – Hell of a Podcast

EP18 – Jill speaks with Larry E. “Buck” Hunter who gives an eyewitness report of seeing HELL first hand. You have to listen to know how he got there so you don’t go!

On A Quest – Stranger Things

EP17 –  Jill speaks with Dylan, a 16 year old who appears to have a gift.  He sees things and is drawn by spirit to see past the veil of death.  Although the youngest […]