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1012, 2017

The Master Debaters – Christmas Special!

Ep84 – It Pays To Play Away – Christmas Special! What is the best thing to tackle that pesky snow? Salt. And we have it in boat loads this week. We start the episode with an apology…yep. And then, the greatest podcast game ever created gets a Holiday special! This week, Michael, Jamie and Sean…yes, even Sean, all play ‘It pays to play away’ the Christmas special! So come and sing along to all your favourite holiday hits as the saltiest podcast in the world gets festive as f**k!

2611, 2017

The Master Debaters – Miss Click

EP83 After a massively successful comic con, the boys are back! This week, Toffa, Michael and Jamie talk about their experiences at the Birmingham Comic Con. Why was Jamie so uncomfortable? Why did Michael nearly have a fight? Could Comic Con handle all of our salt?  Also, Jamie brings up a Christmas story involving Sean and plays a voice mail that you just need to hear…it’s absolutely marvelous.