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503, 2018

Master Debaters – Does Your Mother Know?

EP90: Hot off their success at Birmingham Horror Con, Sean and Toffa are back on board the podcast train to discuss all things horror con. Also, the popular segment ‘Read Between The Lines’ makes a triumphant return as the boys break down the hit ABBA classic ‘Does Your Mother Know’ Is it a harmless song or is there a dark meaning to this toe tapping banger?

In the episode we mention our new ‘Drive By’ video which we recorded at Horror Con, here’s where to find it

Also, thanks to the wonderful people over at Twilight Ghost Hunts, we’re attending the ghost hunt weekend at Park Hotel. Hit the link, like them on Facebook and come and join us on a ghost hunt!

1902, 2018

Master Debaters – Waffle Run Off

EP89: This week the podcast train has picked up an extra sexy passenger as Ethan McKinley (Was It Worth It?) joins Toffa and Sean to discuss all things salty! Toffa has something to say about bath bombs, Sean discusses a four way he once had and Ethan has a bad memory about a doctor and his finger…

Also, the boys review Black Panther (spoiler free) and welcome a few new members into the #CultofSalt

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