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1901, 2018

Master Debaters – Ralph Garman

Hoo-ah!!! The podcast train is back once again and we’ve only gone and picked up a podcast/radio legend. This week we run a train on the multi talented Ralph Garman! We talk Hollywood Babble On, Justice League, Star Wars, and ask him all of our weird and wonderful questions. He even tries to teach us how to do some impressions…it doesn’t go so well

Also, we recruit a new member into the #CultofSalt and Michael drops some Bowie salt all over the place!

1401, 2018

Master Debaters – Erotica 2: Electric Boogaloo

EP86: That’s right! It was so successful the first time we decided to do it again. It’s bigger, it’s better and it’s so much sexier as Love Honey Presents: Master Debaters Erotica 2: Electric Boogaloo. We asked our listeners to send in short erotic stories that involved us and they did not disappoint! You’ll hear all four of us read out a short story and then decide the winner of some Love Honey goodies!

Also, we welcome two new members into the #CultofSalt and play the first ever game of The Big Phat Quiz Of The Year.

This episode is packed! Don’t you dare skip this one!