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2104, 2018

Master Debaters – These People Make Your Sandwiches!

This week, a doctor insults Sean, Toffa almost dies and Michael makes a slight error in a 5 year old group chat.

Also, Toffa catfishes Reddit and gets answers he’s not looking for and “Read Between The Lines” returns with a bang! As the gang takes on the Shania Twain classic hit “Man, I Feel Like A Woman”

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704, 2018

Master Debaters – Oops I Mean Girl, Girl, Girl, Girl

EP93: This week, Michael makes it very awkward right from the start with a weird question, Toffa is fed up with being catfished by porn thumbnails, and Sean is also there. We also recruit a new member into the #CultofSalt and it’s Michael Vs Sean in a Horror/ABBA version of ‘It Pays To Play Away!’

This weeks Choo Choo Choon is by Sir Spits. Watch the video here

And everything else by The Dojo here

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