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Dishing Bitches

It's what 'The View' wishes it could be! - News, Pop Culture, Sex, Fashion and a lot more from women who love to serve it up.

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Dishing Bitches – 04/21/15

The connection between grilled-cheese and sex. Temple of the Penis. Music from Richard Cheese and a lot more!

Masshole & The Minions – 03/01/15

'Jersey Women Are Different' w/ Sugar Mama and ED209. Dave finally comes clean about his decade’s long hatred of Sex and the City.

Lossano and Friends! – 11/29/14

Lossano and Friends! episode 009 Dick Biondi (WLS Legend), Larry Potash (WGN Morning News), Tracy Swartz (Chicago Red Eye), Rick Kaempfer (Father Knows Nothing)