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The Game Show Show – Dibs, Dicks, Pebbles & Pipers!

JAZ & Andy heatedly debate Chicago’s favorite frigid topic, Johnny Mo shares good news & everybody puzzles over the YouTube Fondue Stube!!

The Mr Nailsin Show – Et tu Trump?

EP132: Doug says Trump is wrong on guns and trade, Red flips out while Lefty is confused. Dr Phil Good starts to feel good about his receptionist while Linoleum Walker is questioned by police. Doug whines some more about Star Wars and looks at how the AT&T Time Warner merger affects DC Comics.

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Fake News Fairytale – The Amateur Archer Analogy

The citizens of a land far, far away are shocked to find out that their beloved village archers have been getting compensation for their athletic exploits under the table.

Villager: Jake Cook
Villager: Dan Levy
Royal Archery Commissioner: Tony Hess
Narrator: Jen DeSalvo

Written by: Keith Conrad

The Wine Makers – Tom Gendall

EP41: Tom Gendall from Cline Cellars, joins The Wine Makers to talk land, fruit and winemaking. Tom’s insights to making high quality yet accessible wines, gives us all a new way of looking at the wine we buy and drink.

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Dan McNeil: Unsupervised – 03/01/18

Pat Van De Walle & Dan McNeil debate Robert Kraft’s reproductive system & just how good Matt Forte really was.

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Minutia Men – 3/1/2018

EP86 – Rick and Dave discuss drinking more and exercising less, the most hated man at the local BBQ, a very bad reason to shoot your dog, Pinky Pittenger, and Rick’s brush with Svengoolie.

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The Prussman Hour – 02/28/18

Stacey starts the show off talking about her tonsillitis then Stacey, Blake and Angela are joined by special guest Amarie Castillo @part_time_bro They discuss sports, ex partners, they give a listener dating tips for 2018 as well as biggest horror dating stories, the Florida shooter activist David Hogg, and some crazy practice in China […]

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The Mr Nailsin Show – RESIGN!

EP131 Doug & Red want the Broward County Sheriff to resign Lefty blames the NRA. The authorities failed the victims of the school shooting but Lefty blames the NRA. A man uses an AR-15 to save lives but Lefty blames the NRA. Red loves guns and Lefty blames the NRA. Dr Phil Good gets […]

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Dishing Bitches – Sixty-nine, is divine (unless it’s with Samantha)

The Olympics are over! Would you drink THC infused Wine? Samantha tries to re-invent some sex positions but Steph and Ed don’t think they’ll work. Real of Fake news. US debuts from The Strays, Mary Wrote and a lot more!

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Caffeinated Comics – SNLcast

Live from the Museum of Broadcast Communications in Chicago! Jon and Steven talk to curator Wally Podrazik about the new interactive exhibit of a television milestone. Wally discusses the impact a show with such history can have on current events, his own experiences in the studio audience and how the exhibit takes you through […]

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