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Minutia Men – 09/07/17

EP64 – Rick and Dave discuss the all-girl’s Lord of the Flies, tinder dating terms, lego thieves, an infamous high five, and Rick’s brush with local Chicago sportscaster Mark Giangreco.

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The Rob Saul Show – Crumpled Paper!

Rob & crew visit with comedian Mike Krewina.Doug talks about his Harvey experience. The latest news on Medicated Tammy’s health is sadly not good. Some cops give Rob the 3rd degree. Owen is still shy.

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Millennial & Dad – EP9

Millennial Mickey and Dad are joined by a Rob who is a Bradley professor, and his millennial daughter, Ruth, a junior at Bradley for a deep dive conversation on the impact of screen time on the “i-generation”. As should be expected, the kids don’t agree with the Dads on much.

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This week Ted sits down with Carl Setzer from Great Leap Brewing

Dan McNeil: Unsupervised – 09/05/17

Mac blows the NFL, blows up Cutler, the PD at ‘The Drive’ and a lot more! Episode 1 is an embarrassment of riches!

Caffeinated Comics – Streaming Superheroescast

“Defenders” on Netflix! “The Tick” on Amazon! “Batman Harley Quinn” on iTunes! And all of it disappointing! Jon and Steven cover a major turning point in comic media and how it’s so hard to top its predecessors. Plus, we’re all caught up on “Rick and Morty”!

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The Master Debaters – They Saw My Bumhole!

After the huge success of the James Murray episode, the master debaters are back to provide that audio gold you’ve been craving. This week, Toffa trails a new game which involves a lot of singing. We discuss season 7 of Game of Thrones and throwback to episode where Toffa embarrassed himself in the opticians. […]

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The Mr Nailsin Show – Hurricane Harvey Edition

The Best of Night Knight Vol. 3. Also bits etc.

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The Wine Makers – It’s A Dirty Job

Brian Casey tours The Lasseter Family Winery and their vineyard and gets the full treatment. The guys kick around Airline wines, touring France and finding wine in your local store that fits your taste profile. And Dirty hands mean you’re truly doing your job in wine-making. Ever seen a barrel of wine with red […]

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Artie Lange Uncensored – Show 400

We bring some old friends together for our 400th show. The regulars Artie, Dan and Flippin at the board. We are also joined by  Paul Morrissey , Mike Bocchetti .Johnny Styne, Ben from Clifton, Dan the bad cop, and Albany Josh. Mike has some worries about Flippin. The gang chats on some old times. […]

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