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Millennial & Dad – EP7

There two competitions recently, one with over 10 million dollars for first place, one with 10 thousand dollars for first. You might be surprised what they were, Mickey was.

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This week Ted sits down with Chris Klein and Ryan Gavrick of Ballast Point Brewing!

Caffeinated Comics – Sequelcast

In a shared universe world, do sequels even matter? Neal Fischer joins Jon and Steven to talk the best and worst follow ups in movie history, why comedy sequels never work and his two new movie related podcasts. Also, do fan films count?

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The Master Debaters – Erotica Competition!

It’s here! After weeks of build up the erotica competition is finally here. And it’s everything we could’ve hope for. You send in your erotic stories and we read out the three best ones and reveal the winner!

Also, Toffa talks about his time at London Comic Con, we hear the interview with the lovely […]

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The Mr Nailsin Show – Fire And Fury!

EP99 Doug, Lefty & Red talk about North Korea, the Google memo and genital preferences. Sun King investigates the murder of starlet Tiara Rex. Perhaps But Maybe Not looks at the supposed diary of Jack The Ripper. Doug sends a get well message for The Reverend Bob Levy.

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The Wine Makers – Kyle Haraszthy

The guys introduce you to special guest, Kyle Haraszthy. Sam reports on the Vineyards and finds them in great shape going into harvest mode. Kyle’s family and background go all the way back to when the Very First grapes were grown here in Sonoma…About 1850 or so.

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Geek/CounterGeek – Ranking the Indiana Jones Movies

Star Trek Discovery is changing the Klingons yet again. We’ve known this since the first trailer and pictures dropped, but Alex Kurtzman told an audience at STLV there’s a reason for it. Bryan Fuller came up with the design, and there is actually some pretty solid reasoning behind it.

Patrick Stewart told the crowd at […]

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Artie Lange – Artie and Craig Gass Tell Stories

Our buddy Craig Gass joins us in one of the best podcasts of our show. He tells Artie about some missed opportunities. Craig has worked with Shaquille O’Neal recently and has a great story. Artie really likes Craig. Craig tells us a very funny Christopher Walken story. Craig talks about his Stern days and […]

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Minutia Men – 08/10/17

EP61 – Rick and Dave discuss bra-sized discounts, sausage contents, bears driving cars, a Bionic Cub, and Rick’s brush with superjock Larry Lujack.

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The Rob Saul Show – Rachel Butera!

Technical difficulties continue as Doug’s computer craps out. Meanwhile Rob attempts to talk to comedian and vocal impressionist Rachel Butera but then Rob’s phone goes crappy. Eventually Rachel comes through and she and Rob talk about her work on the Howard Stern Show and Family Guy. WMEX goes silent so everybody can swear. Doug […]

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