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The Rob Saul Show – Jackie The Joke Man Martling!

Rob and the crew welcome Jackie Martling to discuss his new book “Bow To Stern” about his career,the Howard Stern years,comedy,and the benefits of having a puppet doppelgänger. Then Swoop of @swoopsworld visits the show to watch Rob try.

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Dishing Bitches – Gina Scotlynd!

2 years ago, original cast member Gina Scotlynd left the show and moved to Seattle, while back in Chicago for Thanksgiving we snagged her for a brief reunion! Featuring music from Eliza Sayers and Nicole Bloomsmith!

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Caffeinated Comics – Justice League

It’s been through the ringer and now it’s here! Jon and Elliott Serrano discuss the clashing tones of two directors, the omnipresent CG and the similarities to “Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer”! Plus one of us likes it

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The Prussman Hour – 11/21/2017

Stacey, Blake and Angela are joined by comedian Kevin Gootee the Creator of Comics Watching Comics. They talked about Shaving, Stacey’s short lived career as a Rap video vixen, Charles Manson, Thanksgiving, Black Friday, who is Stacey sleeping with now, Kevin’s show Comics Watching Comics, Blake’s South Jersey school fundraiser and so much more. […]

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Dan McNeil: Unsupervised – 11/20/17

Jonathan Hood of ESPN and I tackle the Bears (and sports talk radio). Greg Kot of the Tribune and I reflect on Malcolm Young.

The Mr Nailsin Show – He Said She Said We Said!

EP 113: Doug, Red & Lefty talk about Roy Moore and Al Franken. Then The Best Friends must deal with a giant sea serpent. Doug ends the show with some thoughts on Justice League and other comic book news.

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The Wine Makers – Holiday Wines

The guys meet up with Winemaker Casey Graybehl to talk over his line of Grenache wines and how all of this fits into the holidays.  Brian and Bart get Casey really talking about his background, his time in France and what it’s like to move from a “Garage-ista” to having a full line of […]

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Geek/CounterGeek – Thor Ragnarok

A new fan theory suggests that Harry Potter caused the family to be horrible people rather than being their innocent victim. Elliott Serrano and Keith Conrad discuss. Also, Keith has noticed a potential plot hole in Star Trek Discovery, when it comes to it’s implications for one of the later Star Trek series. Plus, […]

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Dan McNeil: Unsupervised – 11/16/17

Christopher Hine of the Chicago Tribune talks at length about being an openly gay man covering the macho world of pro hockey. NFL Week 11 preview and more!

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Fake News Fairytale – Great Day For Uploading

There is unrest in a far away kingdom when the royal courier introduces the concept of tiered pricing. The people demand that the King step in to end this cruel injustice.

Villager: Darren Marlar
Villager: Justin Kosek
Narrator: Dan Levy

Written by: Keith Conrad

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