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The Master Debaters – Getting’ Jiggy Wit It!

EP70: This week we’ve swapped Sean for someone who’s actually funny. Joining us on the podcast train this week is Jiggy! JIggy has been noted as one of the countries top upcoming comedians by Comedy Central and has won numerous comedy competitions up and down the east coast. In 2013, Jiggy joined The Impractical […]

The Master Debaters – The Great Movie Remake Debate!

EP69 Everyone has an opinion when it comes to movie remakes, so this week the ‘Master’ Debaters dive head first into the topic. Do remakes work? Should Hollywood stop being so unoriginal? What remakes would we like to see? All aboard the podcast train! Choo choo mother fuckers!

The Master Debaters – Fly On My Wind

EP68: Segment overload this week! We have Sean or Porn, The letter of the day (where Michael walks us the sexual term alphabet) and to finish up we have Read Between The Lines! This weeks song is the Red Hot Chilli Peppers classic: The Zephyr Song. What is that song about? Find out in […]

The Master Debaters – Rhythm and Clues 2

Rhythm and clues is back! The greatest game ever played on a podcast makes its triumphant return. And once again there’s controversy! Also, Toffa has some old people salt and Michael has moshing salt. Super salty episode this week! Tell your friends

The Master Debaters – The Matrix

Something a little different for you lovely bastards, this week. With Michael and Sean away, Toffa sat down with Paul from the countdown movie and TV reviews podcast and discussed The Matrix. Toffa had never seen it…yep. Until now, that is. So with Paul being a super fan of the 1999 classic, does Toffa […]

The Master Debaters – Collectormania Special!

EP65: This week, the boys went to Collectormania and managed to get interviews with WWE legend Christian and WWE Hall Of Fame 2017 inductee, Beth Phoenix. Want more? How about Daniel (Podrick Payne) Portman and Justin (Power Rangers) Nimmo. Still not enough? […]

The Master Debaters – You Got Got!!!

The boys are back, y’all! But not really. No Deano, once again, but fear not! Toffa and Mike have a belter of an episode for you all.
This week we open the mail bag, read some jokes sent in by fans and a story that makes Toffa very uncomfortable. Also, Toffa’s new segment ‘Very Superstitious’ […]

The Master Debaters – Deep Regretful Dangle

No Deano again this week, but worry not, bitches, Toffa and Michael have a packed show.
Michael feels his age, Toffa has a encounter with a Prostitute and the boys discuss their day out LARPing…yep…we went LARPing.

The Master Debaters – Rhythm and Clues

EP62: This week’s episode sees the much anticipated…. no no no… the exciting…. no no… the return you’ve all been waiting for… no, that’s not true either, one more try… This week Sean’s back!!!! Nailed it! And with Sean’s return we needed something special, something big, something astronomical and BAH GAWD, have we got […]

The Master Debaters – Go long, Daddy! Not long long!!

EP61: This weeks episode it out of this world…The podcast train goes galactic as we review Guardians of the Galaxy 2! Also, after being warned by Toffa, Michael has watched X-Men Apocalypse and has a few interesting things to say. Salt mode! Activate!