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The Master Debaters – Getting’ Jiggy Wit It!

EP70: This week we’ve swapped Sean for someone who’s actually funny. Joining us on the podcast train this week is Jiggy! JIggy has been noted as one of the countries top upcoming comedians by Comedy Central and has won numerous comedy competitions up and down the east coast. In 2013, Jiggy joined The Impractical […]

Just Another Zealot – Me & My Big Mouth!

His zealotry knows no bounds! Listen as JAZ rants & raves, preaches & pontificates on the subjects of life, family, independence, identity & talking too much. Then he talks too much about his Enthusiasms & tells Tales of Embarrassment. YAY!!

The Mr. Nailsin Show – From Russia With Nothing

EP95: Lefty, Red & Doug discuss the revelation of Donald Trump Jr’s meeting with Russians. The rest of the show is a Best Of Star Truckin’…well it’s all 11 chapters of Star Truckin’ including new and final chapter12. Doug closes with thoughts on Glenn Beck and the next Doctor Who.

Closing song Southern Fried Americana […]

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The Wine Makers – Chugability?

EP11: There’s a lot of action in the vineyards as crews trim the canopy correctly to ensure proper growing. Bart & Brian talk about the /natural/organic/synthetic faze; WHAT”S THE POINT? How about a 40oz. Rose’ or a can of wine. Yes on one for everyone and John rants ‘No to the canNot For Me!’

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Minutia Men – 07/13/17

EP57 – Rick and Dave discuss a bear chomping your head, a plausible conspiracy theory, Jenkins losing 300,000 umbrellas, the 1990 All-Star game, and Rick’s brush with Bob Feldman. Who is Bob Feldman? You gotta listen to find out.

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Millennial & Dad – EP2

A father and son podcast was not what either was expecting to do this summer. Mickey and Spike said they are figuring this out as they go along. Episode 2 is evidence they are moving along. You decide if they’re figuring it out.  What do fathers and sons talk about? What do millennial’s and […]

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Dishing Bitches – Cheese Fries and Champagne

EP164: Our 5th Anniversary Sextravaganza! Samantha’s online dating AGAIN, a revolting new law in North Carolina, new music from Sabrina Fallah and a lot more!

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War Stories – An Arab vs a midget?

@EmanMorgan has a grudge! @richieredding gets swarmed on E Train! W @lovablelucas

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On A Quest – Mystic Healer

EP20: Jill speaks with Kristina Hallett, a Mystic, Witch, and Lightworker. Kristina has her own unique way of reading people and gathering information on them from her own divine sources.  She’s a multi-talented lady who is truly inspiring.

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Artie Lange – Artie and Dan Talk Crashing and the Podcast

Artie and Dan tell you what’s on Hannity tonight. Artie talks about Crashing. We discuss the Michel Jordan flu game… or was he poisoned by a Godfather Pizza? Herman Cain stops by. Artie talks about being in Chicago and going to see “The Jackson 5” house. What’s going on with Dan? Artie’s accountant isn’t […]

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