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The Master Debaters – Wrestling Special

EP82 – With Survivor Series round the corner we managed to get all 4 debaters in the same room (even Sean) to talk all things wrestling. There’s wrestling salt, arguments, debates and more wrestling salt.
To finish off, we draft our own Survivor Series team!
Ding ding, motherf***ers!

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The Mr Nailsin Show – Independence Dependence!

EP112 Lefty celebrates Democratic Party victories, Red doesn’t. Doug visits again with Michael Blair of Scotland to talk about the latest fad of independence movements.

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The Wine Makers – Back to Reality

Brian Casey scores for The Wine Makers, bringing our good friend Kieran Robinson from Kieran Robinson Wines as our guest this episode. Kieran’s fascinating background, from Phili to the Cotie Rotie, has given him a true appreciation for the deep-rooted French and American viticulture and winemaking philosophies. 

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Geek/Countergeek – Bitch/CounterBitch

Our long awaited cross-over episode with The Dishing Bitches, Samantha, Betty & Stephanie. Featuring Music from Fox In Oil and New Road Kings

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Fake News Fairytale – Oh, The People You’ll Indict!

The leader of a kingdom far away finds himself in trouble, but the townspeople cannot get any information because the town criers are too busy competing with each other.

Villager: Dan Wolfe
Villager: Marcus Brown
Mainstream Town Crier: Justin Kosek
Alternative Town Crier: Quin McCarthy
Narrator: Jen DeSalvo

Written by: Keith Conrad

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The Rob Saul Show – Anthony Cumia!

Rob visits with Anthony Cumia formerly of Opie & Anthony and now host of The Artie & Anthony Show. Anthony discusses his career, free speech, working with Artie Lange and his upcoming book.

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The Stacey Prussman Hour – 11/08/17

Stacey, Blake and Angela are back together after 16 days and they discuss Stacey’s accidental audition for a porno, how she sang the blues with a man on the street, Angela + Blake witness a marriage proposal ruined by a Pro Trump Rally protest. Other topics were Wendy Williams, twitter followers, Kevin Spacey and […]

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On this edition of NUDE HIPPO: THE PODCAST, our very own Jen DeSalvo sat down at the Hollywood Grill in Chicago, and spoke with four former journalists from DNAinfo, the day after the organization was shut down.

Justin Breen – Senior Editor
Dave Newbart – Senior Editor
Alisa Hauser – Reporter, West side
Evan Moore – Reporter (General […]

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Caffeinated Comics – Thor Ragnarokcast

The latest chapter in the Marvel Cinematic Universe is here! Jon, Steven and Davis Miller discuss whether an action blockbuster can be too funny, how continuity affects a franchise nearly 20 films old and how Taika Waititi can become the next James Gunn. Plus, so much Goldblum!

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Dan McNeil: Unsupervised – 11/06/17

We dissect NFL Week 9 with ESPN’s Roman Modrowski and talk NHL with Blackhwaks play by play man, John Wiedeman.