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The Game Show Show – Let That Be A Lesson!

JAZ & Andy discuss practical ways to prepare for prolonged outings in public place, Johnny Mo tells us everything newsworthy & the whole gang asks the age old question: What Do YOU Know?!?

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Master Debaters – Downtown Men

This week, Toffa, Sean and Jay are back to ride the podcast train. The boys recruit 2 new people into the #CultOfSalt, Jamie revives MasterDebaterMind and they ‘Read Between The Lines’ of the Billy Joel classic, Uptown Girl

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The Mr Naisin Show – Failing Upward!

EP136: Lefty, Red & Doug discuss Donald Trump Jr’s divorce,Obama clearing felons from gun background checks and Elizabeth Warren defrauding Native Americans. Another weird episode of The Good Doctor and then Doug and Lefty talk about Star Wars and Ava DuVernay directing The New Gods.

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Fake News Fairytale – Goldilocks & the Three Communications Directors

The citizens of a far off kingdom are very puzzled when their king begins firing all of his advisers, and then firing their replacements.

Villager: Jake Cook
Villager: Dave Stripling
Royal Fool: Quin McCarthy
Narrator: Jen DeSalvo

Written by: Keith Conrad

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Minutia Men – 03/15/18

EP88 – Rick and Dave discuss Jewish Disneyland, the end of the Loop FM 97.9, Mothers Day strip shows, Chippy Gaw, and Rick’s brush with John Cusack.

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The Prussman Hour – 03/14/18

Stacey and Angela were joined by special guest Mike Cotayo this week. They discussed dating, relationships, drug use, and so much more. They talked about important news such as Kim Kardashian’s new hair color, the new American Idol and what Angela is bing watching on Netflix to pass the time, Stacey’s parties in the […]

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Shut It Down – Put It On Cody’s Tab

It’s a new season Taffertins! So we had to go big on this one…we brought in our good friend of the show Andres(@8_Track_III) to help us break down Gametime Bar and Grill, a bar in Arlington, TN. Its owned by Cody, whose stellar parents ran the place into the Earth and decided HE should […]

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Caffeinated Comics – JoCo Cruisecast

Jon’s out to sea! Bill Monroe takes Jon for his first geek cruise to Mexico and they record several check-in podcasts in between events. Panels! Performances! Karaoke! Tequila! Plus, what it’s like to live in the grey area between convention and summer camp and how to be neighborly to Will Wheaton, Maria Bamford, Matt […]

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Geek/CounterGeek – Are we approaching Star Wars overload?

Elliott Serrano has an interesting connection to the new Netflix reboot of Lost In Space. Keith Conrad thinks the gender swap on Dr. Smith is great, but wonders what they are doing with the robot.

Keith is also on-board for the new Terminator reboot, despite having his heart broken so many times before.

Plus, just as […]

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Dan McNeil: Unsupervised – 03/12/18

Broadcast legends Mike North and Bruce Wolf discuss NCAA, Cubs, White Sox and the recent demise of WLUP with Dan today on Unsupervised.