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Caffeinated Comics – Action Comics 1000

The oldest comic book ever just got older! Jon and Steven discuss the legacy of the first superhero comic, whether there are classic stories in it, what impact Superman has had on the comic book industry and why series renumber themselves. Plus, a “Smallville” actress is arrested for running a sex cult. Because 2018.

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The Mr Nailsin Show – Do As I Say Not As I Do!

EP147: Doug Lefty & Red discuss the Waffle House shooting, Jim Acosta attacks speech, Venezuela bans guns and increases it’s murder rate. The Good Doctor continues it’s perverted story. Finally Doug talks about Britain and the sad terrible story of Alfie Evans.

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Dishing Bitches – If Jesus Had A Stun-gun

Today is: Pig In A Blanket Day, Firefly Day, Go Diaper Free Day! Samantha reviews ‘A Quiet Place’, 420 Stories, new music from Humboldt Lagoon, Original Black Pantah and more!

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Flippin Out Radio – 04/23/18

James and Johnny Appleseed reunite, woman angry on the road should remove the keep Christ in Christmas bumper sticker, Dirty Diana is a bad song, Post Office – the appendix of America, Taylor Swift stalker at her NYC apartment, shit train in ‘Bama, Keith Hernandez and Hadjii, This Week in McDonald’s

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Geek/CounterGeek – It’s Like Lost, But In Space

Elliott Serrano and Keith Conrad discuss the Netflix re-boot of Lost In Space, which landed this week. This somehow leads to a debate over what a gritty re-boot of Gilligan’s Island would look like in 2018.

Spock is coming to Star Trek Discovery in season two, but it’s probably not in the way you would […]

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Master Debaters – These People Make Your Sandwiches!

This week, a doctor insults Sean, Toffa almost dies and Michael makes a slight error in a 5 year old group chat.

Also, Toffa catfishes Reddit and gets answers he’s not looking for and “Read Between The Lines” returns with a bang! As the gang takes on the Shania Twain classic hit “Man, I Feel […]

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The Wine Makers – 1970 Margaux

This week we welcome Ian Blessing from the French Laundry and open up some 1970 Margaux and some old non-vintage Champagne. Sam and Bart discuss the recent rain storms and how they’ll affect the vineyards.

Recorded at Bart Hansen’s house on Sonoma Mountain over-looking some of the most historic vineyards in the County.

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Shut It Down – Weird Science

EP70 Greetings Taffertins! We are boldly going where no man has gone before…well not really. But we thought it would sound science-y enough for you. On this intellectual dive, we go to Tarzana, CA to an establishment called “Paladino’s” owned and “operated” by two scientists. Well, they know science…just not bar science. With that, […]

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The Prussman Hour – 04/18/18

Stacey and Angela  reminisce while going through Stacey’s childhood belongings today. They talked about her beat up teddy bear and her book her parents made for her as a child which was extremely traumatizing. They prepared for their night out and discuss news headlines like TJ Miller fake bomb threat, Will Farrell’s car accident […]

Fake News Fairytale – The King, The Barrister & The Performance Artist

The citizens of a far off kingdom are shocked to their core when they learn of allegations made against their king and his court by the town’s performance artist.

Villager: Eric Geders
Villager: Dave Stripling
Town Crier: Sean Magers
King: Justin Kosek
Narrator: Jen DeSalvo

Written by: Keith Conrad

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